On Track Again

Some weeks ago we weren’t sure about the future of our project anymore, but last week we got on track again and really started the work on Mistaken Belief.

We planned a roadmap of the development and started our first sprint (agile development for the win) last week and already worked hard on the story of the game.
There are so many new concepts for the game, you’ll probably or rather hopefully see in the finished version of Mistaken Belief which is planned to release late 2023.

Another thing that happened is the start of the work on a song for the game which will feature vocals and is made to sound like an old-timey jazz song. We can’t say a lot about this song currently, only that it’s main instruments are an upright bass and trumpet and that it has a key role in a specific part of the game.

So stay tuned for updates on the development, we’ll post something about it probably pretty soon again and we will answer your questions in the forum.

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