How an afternoon without internet sparked an idea

This is the story about how the idea of our game came.

It was an afternoon in January. We worked as usual when suddenly: the internet was down. We couldn’t work because of it, so we sat together and talked about old games we liked and how great it would be if we develop our own game.

So we collected some ideas.

One of the first ideas we had was a 3D retro platformer/shooter game, where the player would play as a plumber who needs to kill enemies with his plumber tools.

We threw this idea away pretty fast. But the idea with a 3D retro-style of game stuck with us.

We decided that, because we both love good horror games, we want to make a horror game. We don’t want to make a horror where there is a jumpscare after every few meters, because they are just a very cheap and overused way to make a game scary.
After some thinking and some days after the internet incident, we came up with some fantastic ideas and ways how we want to create a horror game, without overused mechanics which tells a unique kind of story.

This was the story of how the idea of our game came to be. Stay tuned for updates!

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