What Is This Place?

You are on the website of Mistaken Belief. A place you can read about the newest projects and stuff made by us, the Mistaken Belief Team.

We’re destined to release our first “full-length” game called Mistaken Belief ~2023. But we’re also working on some other smaller projects until then.

What is Mistaken Belief?

We’re glad you asked!
Mistaken Belief is set up to be a unique indie horror experience with a heavy focus on the story and atmosphere.

Mistaken Belief features the style and feel of old-school horror games with the mechanics and gameplay of modern ones.

And What Can I Do Until Then?

You can always play other games until then. But if you like, you can read our dev-journals on this site, or support us with feedback.

We also post some fun and interesting articles on our Blog or sometimes even release some music.

You can even join our forum and interact with us and other members!

Who Are You?

We are two guys who thought one day: “Let’s make a game!”.

And this is what we now do!

Lead Developer, Composer, Planning & Marketing
Lead Designer